What does the ideal Princeton experience look like for freshmen just twelve weeks into their first semester? How could Princeton support that experience?

Over the course of the fall semester, 15 freshmen have answered these questions for themselves. On Thursday, December 12th, they will share what they discovered through a variety of prototypes and dynamic presentations. No two ideal experiences are the same!

This project is part of the new freshman seminar, Reimagining Your World: Creativity Scholarship, Skills and Practical Applicationsthat aims to help students embrace creativity and make it part of their daily lives. This includes discovering one’s own creative process and taking deliberate steps to dismantle mental blocks to reconnect with their imagination. Our pedagogy emphasizes learning, practicing and experiencing the neuroscience behind creativity and seminal psychological theories.

What you will see at the event is the culmination of the second half of the course, where students turned inward to envision, reflect on and design their ideal experience at Princeton, using creative techniques to push their visions outside expected behaviors and think beyond academics, the prescribed focus of Princeton. In preparation for this presentation, the students brainstormed together and individually, talked with University Health Services staff about well-being and happiness at Princeton, and translated their ideal Princeton experience into physical objects.

Complimentary coffee and cookies will be provided at the event.