Does your body language match your message? In this workshop, we will explore all that is expressed beyond words and how we can communicate more effectively when presenting to investors, customers, clients, and industry partners. When pitching ideas, for example, the audience often notices the personal and team interactions as much as the viability of the idea itself, therefore, it is essential that you and your team express alignment with each other and your potential partners.

Who can attend?

This event is open to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. Lunch will be served and registration is required.

Speaker bio

Mecquel is a kinesthetic practitioner with formal training in behavioral psychology who has been investigating the intersections of mindfulness, meditation, and movement since 2002. She teaches mindfulness for design thinking as well as instructs students in personal and team development in various entrepreneurship courses at the Keller Center at Princeton University. Rooted in traditional yoga, meditation, and psychology, influenced by the study of modern and improvisational dance, anatomy, and somatic techniques, Mecquel bridges kinesthetic experience with philosophical understanding and practical application for a dynamic integration and repatterning of body, mind and relationships. In addition to her work at Keller Center, she also teaches mindfulness for dancers at Princeton University.