Social entrepreneurship is not capitalism and it's not socialism. It provides a different approach on how the world thinks about creating value and addressing need. Do inequities and injustices, the health of our planet or the general state of affairs keep you up at night? Are you passionate about creating a more just world? Could your research help mitigate an important societal issue? In this panel conversation three social entrepreneurship faculty will discuss how they see the field of social entrepreneurship evolving. They are eager to share from their own experiences what they feel are the most exciting opportunities, tensions and things to consider for all those eager to embark on a social entrepreneurship journey or are simply curious about this new "ism".

This workshop will be held in-person. Location to be announced.

Facilitator Bio

Manish Bhardwaj is the James Wei Visiting Professor at the Keller Center. He is the co-founder of Innovators In Health, a non-profit that works to ensure that the rural poor in India have access to healthcare. Manish teaches EGR/ENT 498, Entrepreneurship for the Idealist.

Who can attend?

Open to graduate students, undergraduates, faculty, and staff.

Registration is required.