It is not news to anyone; we are in the midst of a climate crisis. But what most people don’t know is that addressing this existential threat prefigures one of the largest movements of capital in history:

  • An estimated $100-150 trillion is required to be invested over the next 20-30 years to transition to a low carbon economy;
  • $2-3 trillion of additional annual investment is estimated to be required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030;
  • In excess of $1 trillion will be needed to stabilize the world’s oceans.

Traditional financial institutions will have a role in mobilizing these enormous sums, of course, but they will need our help:

  • They will need help sourcing the projects that are actually funded;
  • They will need help changing the regulatory environment to broaden the scope of what is considered when large financial decisions are made; and
  • They will need help creating the entire ecosystem of sustainable finance.

That means they will need YOU!


  • J. David Stewart ’87: Sustainability Finance Consultant, raised billions of dollars for clients in London and New York including as a Managing Director at JPMorgan
  • John Rudikoff: Attorney, Entrepreneur, and Adjunct Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School where he is designing a Masters degree program focused on Sustainability and Future Cities

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