The seventh annual UPitchNJ, an innovative statewide collegiate business model competition showcasing the top young talent from thirteen New Jersey Universities, will be held on Friday, April 29th, from 1 pm to 3 pm in a live streamed, virtual format sponsored by Nokia Bell Labs

Princeton will be represented this year by PrendeHealth founder Megan Leinenbach '23, EEB. Prende's mission is to redefine the way chronic conditions are treated in women, starting with chronic and recurrent vaginal infections. Prende is currently raising seed funding and recently received a grant from Prospect Student Ventures (PSV).

Teams will be judged on originality and creativity of their idea, the perceived ability to execute the idea and turn it into a viable, profitable business and/or venture with significant social value as well as their oral presentation.


Thierry Klein, President Bell Labs Solutions Research
Andrea Blanco-Redondo, Head of Silicon Photonics Department
Dragan Samardzija, Lab Leader – Platform & ASIC Research
Ken Budka, Senior Partner, Bell Labs Consulting
Itai Segall, Department Head – Software & Data Systems Research

Bookmark the UPitch New Jersey Facebook page for quick access to the event just before 1 pm ET on April 29.

Please contact Stephanie Landers with any questions.

Who can attend?

Open to the public, the campus community, and alumni.