Job Description 

The Keller Center Makerspace first opened in Fall 2021. The Keller Makerspace provides access to a variety of different emerging maker technologies. Some technologies and equipment that are highlighted in the makerspace are 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, and a full woodshop. Any students, staff, and faculty from Princeton University can access and use the Makerspace.

The Makerspace aims to:

  1. Create an open, inclusive, and welcoming space for individuals from all levels of making experience.
  2. Build a culture of collaboration and design to encourage Princeton students and other members of campus to make interesting things to illuminate various academic, educational, and passionate pathways.
  3. Collaborate with different administrative units and academic departments to develop diverse opportunities for design, collaboration, and connection. 

The Makerspace is expanding its open access hours in the Fall to engage the campus community. In staffing the Makerspace, we hope to hire passionate Undergraduate Student Assistants who will champion these goals, steward in helping build a community of engaged students eager to explore their ideas and passions, and help further develop the Makerspace with the Makerspace Manager. 

The primary responsibility of the Undergraduate Student Assistant will be:

  • Provide guidance and assistance for all visitors engaged in the Makerspace.
  • Assist on projects through CAD modeling, vector design, Adobe Creative Suite, 3D slicing, and woodworking planning.
  • Be knowledgeable of other campus makerspaces and resources, and to direct students in how to utilize those spaces as necessary.  
  • Exhibit excellent interpersonal skills, as the Makerspace aims to be an inclusive environment for a diverse group of users.
  • Support the Manager and Graduate Student Educator in managing and maintaining the space and equipment (3D printers, laser cutters, electronic soldering, CNC mill, woodworking power tools).
  • Promote and reinforce safety protocols and procedures for the different equipment of the space (3D printers, laser cutters, electronic soldering, CNC mill, and Woodworking tools).
  • Develop and construct educational and engaging examples using 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, and woodworking.
  • Efficiently communicate with the Manager and Graduate Student Educators regarding the various happenings within the Makerspace.

Students from any and all major, interest, and passion are highly encouraged to apply.

Job Requirements 

The ideal Undergraduate Student Assistant: 

  • Clearly demonstrates interpersonal and organizational skills, and a high degree of professionalism. 
  • Possesses a strong ability to work collaboratively, think creatively, and function effectively as part of a team. 
  • Has the active passion to learn, practice, ask questions and build their skills with the different tools and equipment with the Manager. These skills include 3D printing, CAD modeling, vector design, CNC milling, electronics, or woodworking. 
  • Possesses and cultivates curiosity in making, design, innovation, and interdisciplinary practices. 


10 - 20 hours per week

Time Frame 

Fall 2022

Primary Contact 

Castle Kim,

How to Apply

Apply at the Student Employment JobX website: