Mental health disorders are on the rise everyday. The pandemic has caused a steep increase in anxiety and phobias. We propose a high-tech virtual reality (VR) based solution for efficient and effective treatment of such disorders. First, our MVP targets the efficient treatment of phobias. Around nineteen million Americans suffer from phobias annually. However, the standard of care, exposure therapy, is both ineffective and inefficient. A major drawback of exposure therapy is the unavailability of realistic environments that stimulate the phobia in a controlled environment. We propose to create a realistic and immersive environment for phobia treatment using VR. Research has shown that VR increases the effectiveness of phobia treatment by orders of magnitude. We have got a few first customers (Hackensack Meridian hospitals, individual therapists, etc.) and a MVP ready. We have won the Princeton Pitch 2022 Ideation Track, have been funded ($1.5k) by Prospect Student Ventures and Keller Center ($3k). We are currently developing and fine-tuning our product for more specific use cases.