"Trying to tackle any societal issue without understanding the impact of historical and structural racism is like trying to fathom the universe without knowing about carbon."

Our Program in Institutional and Historical Racism is accepting applications for its 2022-2023 cohort. We invite faculty, postdocs, and staff from the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) to take part in this transformative experience.

Engineering, technology, and innovation centers have a unique role in advancing systemic change, especially if we consider engineering a viable pathway to addressing societal problems. But how can one effectively diagnose any societal problem without understanding the interrelationship between issues of race and systemic racism?

“The program provided a helpful framework for looking at American history and current racial inequities in a new way. Many of us have heard that we all, including white people, are held back by institutional racism, but this program brought this reality into stark focus for me. The cohort learning model was perhaps the most valuable aspect of the program, as discussing these difficult truths with a diverse group from our own community made it more impactful and also helped all of us to see where solutions might start.” - a staff participant, School of Engineering. 

  • How does the history and legacy of structural anti-Black racism impact any field or discipline?
  • Why is it critical that educators and staff have this understanding to effectively prepare students?
  • What are the pitfalls for engineers and innovators of failing to recognize and account for structural racism when attempting to diagnose or tackle ANY societal problem?

This program will answer these questions through a curated series of workshops and guided conversations. As a result, participants will gain the understanding to be better able to assess and account for how race and racism impacts any field so that they will create more robust and more just solutions and outcomes. Furthermore, participants are given the resources, tools, and coaches needed to develop projects to identify and implement structural solutions in their workplaces and classrooms.

Our program goes beyond training in personal bias, tolerance, and equity. Instead, it aims to equip innovators and educators with the understanding to recognize and dismantle the foundational obstructions that impede actual progress, an understanding paramount to building advancements that benefit humanity.

“This program illuminates the construction of racial injustice from its inception, delivering deep systemic insights. The instructors are stellar. It will enable you to knowledgeably and meaningfully participate in discussions on race and how we can be a more just people,” a faculty participant, School of Engineering.

Our program is free and open to SEAS faculty, postdocs, and staff. This cohort will run from Dec 2022 through May 2023. Apply before Oct 13.

A limited number of spots may be available to those outside the engineering school, so please email us if you are interested.