On October 23, 2020, we brought together impact designers, diversity and inclusion experts, and entrepreneurial program administrators from inside and outside the campus gates for a panel discussion on whether diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within a business is a moral value, a good business value, or both.

This energized panel unpacked key elements for understanding the impact of DEI within a company. The group covered topics ranging from the correlation between diversity and innovation to measurement and accountability of an organization's commitment to racial and social justice. They also shared insights into the complexities of personal values reflected within organizations you build or work for and the essential role of culture and an environment of belonging in the workplace.


Lloyd Cambridge, founder and CEO of Progress Playbook

Kimberly Tiedeken, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Human Resources at Princeton University

Amina Yamusah, co-founder and CTO of Bloc Software


Chandani Punia, Human-centered design specialist at Impact Hub

Watch the webinar on YouTube [58:14]

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