Microaggression | Social Impression is a team within the current Tiger Challenge cohort. We are seeking additional team members.

Our project and its current state

  • We have conducted interviews to contextualize the issue. We have also partnered with Asian Staff @ Princeton (a faculty resource group on campus). 
  • We seek to overturn xenophobic racial assumptions that deny the American identity of Asian Americans through education, exposure, and engagement for American society to recognize that Asian Americans are Americans
  • Our long-term goal is to change the American identity to be inclusive and celebrate all cultures. 
  • Our short-term goal is to create a campus-based project that educates individuals from their original assumptions about Asian Americans and initiates a desire to explore Asian American culture and history. 

The roles of the new hire

  • Conduct Zoom, in-person, and street Interviews and distill notes into insights.
  • Generate and discuss questions and ideas based on our insights.
  • Organize the archive.

Requirements or recommendations for our new hire

  • Traits: Empathy, Honesty, and Vulnerability.
  • Mindsets: An individual who is willing to recognize their own limitations and ignorance but is willing to always have the ability to learn from and understand others. 
  • Go on fun adventures in any spontaneous moment.
  • Skills: 
    • Someone good at gathering large amounts of data. 
    • Excellent time management skills—not only for self but also for the team.
    • Great organizational skills.
    • Team player with strong work ethics.

Contact information

Please email your resume and cover letter. Make sure to speak a little bit about yourself in your cover letter. We are interested in your background and a specific example of meaningful teamwork. Once your documents are processed and approved, we will email you with information regarding a brief 30-minute interview.

Why would you want to join us?

  • You will develop human-centered design thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • You will create something both personally meaningful and socially impactful 
  • You will earn course credit (contributing to the Entrepreneurship Certificate) by enrolling in EGR 250/251, which meets 2 hours/week (meeting time TBD) in the Fall and Spring semesters. You will get half a credit per semester. For more information on the course, please email Jessica Leung.