About the Company

Time series is everywhere, and Timescale is helping developers and companies make sense of it.

Businesses worldwide trust TimescaleDB for mission-critical applications from industries as varied as manufacturing, SaaS services, finance and crypto, utilities, gaming, telecom, ad tech, oil & gas, logistics, and the smart home. Applications built on TimescaleDB include IT and DevOps monitoring, IoT, complex sensing and monitoring systems, geospatial asset tracking, operational data warehousing, and financial risk management; via the edge, on-premise, and cloud deployments.

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Internship Description

While working on the database team, you will have a chance to learn the inner workings of the database and tackle interesting problems related to query optimization, distributed operation, testing, and much more.

Apart from continuous improvements to the core of the database, our next big thrust is to scale the database with distributed operation across many nodes. Not only does this involve a lot of practical distributed systems problems, but it also presents a challenge to testing and infrastructure. Integration with technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes, is likely to be key to tackling these challenges.

For the database itself, the programming language of choice is C, so you will be able to exercise your systems programming skills. In addition, SQL and PostgreSQL's own procedural language called PL/pgSQL are also commonly used.

Additional Requirements