About the Company

Tezign's vision is Technology Empowers Imagination for Business Success and Societal Wellbeing. Tezign has a leading creative supplier platform with more than 30,000 creative suppliers. Our content data intelligence provides leading brands a one-stop creative solution. We have served over 8,000 enterprises such as Alibaba, Starbucks, Unilever, Nestle, and Budweiser.

Tezign is backed by top VCs such as Sequoia Capital, Hearst Ventures, Linear Capital, Cherubic Ventures, China Growth Capital, and Eminence Capital. In 2017, Tezign and Tongji University jointly founded the Design A.I. Laboratory for applied research to bring machine learning and A.I. technology to the creative industry.

The Tezign logo is an outline drawing in black of two thumbs up with the name of the company underneath in English and in Chinese.
Company Industries:
Marketing & Communications, Technology, AdTech, Internet, SaaS

Internship Description

As an engineering intern at Tezign, you will learn how to bridge tech and design with AI powered software, and participate in product development along with industrial experts. You will be assigned to a specific medium-size scoped problem, focusing on finding creative ways to categorize, understand or even dynamically generate commercial designs. You will communicate closely with your team to get timely feedback and directions.

Additional Requirements

  • Basic Chinese communication skills


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