What attracted you to the Keller Center?

I got involved with the Keller Center during my sophomore year at Princeton when I interned with BoxPower [one of the companies that participated in their accelerator program]

What advice would you have for students about getting involved at the Keller Center?

The Keller Center provides you with the necessary resources to test out your grand ideas. You will either fail fast or obtain the necessary conviction that your idea would work. The wealth of experience, support and perspective that you gain through the programs offered by Keller Center is invaluable

How have you benefited from your involvement with the Keller Center?

The Keller Center eLab accelerator provided my team with the office space, funding and advisors to make Kolanut Capital more than just an idea. We were able to finalize the legal structure of the company, put together a comprehensive business plan and develop our brand identity while also solidifying our local connections.