What attracted you to the Keller Center?

The world is now at a place where society can’t keep up advances in bleeding-edge technologies. More than ever, we need individuals who can synthesize the technological and social consequences of these discoveries and ensure that humanity is on the right course. The Keller Center allows students to grapple with these questions through the lens of the startup ecosystem, which is really exciting for someone like me. The Keller Center's offerings allowed me to gain both theoretical and hands-on entrepreneurial experiences - and it has become an important part of my Princeton education.

How are you involved with the Keller Center?

During my sophomore summer, I took part in the Princeton Startup Immersion Program (PSIP) in New York City. I was a Hardware Engineering Intern at Kinetic, a wearable electronics startup focused on safety. I've had the chance to take many courses offered by the Keller Center, including "Technology and Society," "Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation," and "High-Tech Entrepreneurship." Additionally, I earned a certificate in Technology and Society. As a result, my senior thesis not only used machine learning to discover security vulnerabilities in Internet-of-Things devices but also found the failures in U.S. public policy that led to these vulnerabilities.

What are your academic or career goals?

I would like my career to be at the intersection of the technology and business worlds. Currently, I think the best expression of that is as a Product Manager for a growing technology company. In the future, I hope to be a leader in the technology space who drives exciting new initiatives that empower others to lead better lives.