What attracted you to the Keller Center?

I wanted to pursue a project that would allow me to improve my collaboration and team-building skills as well as create meaningful impact in my community.

What do you appreciate most about the Keller Center?

The Keller Center has an incredible sense of community and a diverse group of hard-working mentors who are always there to offer support.

Share an inspiring story about your time at the Keller Center.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, my Tiger Challenge experience was completely virtual. Despite the entire program being conducted over Zoom, I was still able to form a strong connection with my team, who are a group of incredibly talented and kind people I see myself continuing to be friends with after our project comes to a close.

What advice would you have for students about getting involved at the Keller Center?

Go for it! This is a welcoming and supportive environment that will embrace your ambitions and help you achieve what you set out to do.

How have you benefited from your involvement with the Keller Center?

I came out of the Tiger Challenge with experience in the design thinking process, improved collaboration skills, and most of all, new friends.