Hear My Voice is a spin-off from the previous year's team Microaggression +.

Project Overview

“Hear My Voice” is a social impact program that aims to tackle the myth of Asian Americans as a “docile” community. Young Asian American adults are continuously pushed to fill non-public facing professions by both their families and societal stereotypes as opposed to jobs that are more visible to society such as a politician or newscaster. This is one manifestation of the belief that Asian Americans are quiet, passive members of society. We can additionally see this reflected in the social sphere as well, with non-AAPI individuals often walking over their Asian American counterparts simply because their voices are not heard. “Hear My Voice” will promote both education on the importance of self-advocacy in social and professional spheres while simultaneously providing beneficiaries with the necessary tools to be able to stand up for themselves when necessary.

View the Hear My Voice design brief.

Social Mission

Increase the representation of Asian Americans in social and professional spheres.


I want to create more “Connies” which is to say I want to help create more examples of Asian Americans in outwards facing professions which I believe will accomplish two main things. First, in the same way that many schools and organizations try to change narratives surrounding Asian Americans through education, I think the visibility of this community in outwards facing professions can accomplish this same thing as the community becomes more visible and non AAPI individuals are forced to reconsider the stereotypes or misconceptions they might hold. Second, I think that having these people would serve as an example for young AA individuals as well as their parents/families in seeing/understanding that this alternative definition of success is both an option and is possible. Doing this could create a cycle encouraging Asian Americans to feel like they have more choice in what they do when they grow up and that they do not have to fit this image that society and perhaps their family impose upon them.

Call to Action

Join us in the “Hear My Voice” program to help young Asian American adults and children feel like they have an equal place in the American workplace and society. Together, we can shed light on the invisible issues of these people by finally making their voices heard and their bodies seen.