Bridging concepts from edge/fog computing,computer systems, and security, we present an application development framework, known as ProCMotive, that addresses all above-mentioned shortcomings of prior technologies. ProCMotive enables development of customized vehicular applications for already-in-market isolated vehicles, transforming them into smart vehicles. To the best of our knowledge, we have built the first vehicular add-on framework in the world, a framework that enables the development of customized vehicular applications and services for already-in-market vehicles. We envision two wide application domains for ProCMotive: (i) applications that directly benefit users (i.e.,enhance the driving experience, vehicle’s performance, safety, and security) and (ii) applications that collect valuable data from the surroundings, tremendously empowering environmental monitoring, urban planning, and public transportation management. We initiated a collaboration with MIT Senseable City Lab, to further explore potential benefits of the proposed framework for environmental monitoring.