What do you appreciate most about the Keller Center?

The people are the best part about the Keller Center. I was in the eLab, and the experience introduced me to so many talented students, caring mentors, and wonderful Keller Center staff. My eLab cohort bonded very well and I have many fond memories of the summer. Even when things got a little stressful, we were all in it together and I'm glad the Keller Center did such a great job of fostering an entrepreneurial community.

What advice would you have for students about getting involved at the Keller Center?

The summer before my junior year, I didn't even know what the Keller Center was. A few months later, I ended up applying for the eLab with a startup idea and it turned out to be the most rewarding summer project I could've ever imagined. Everyone should know that the Keller Center is a great resource, regardless of what stage you are in life. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or simply interested in the startup world, don't be afraid to reach out, meet people, and see where things may take you.

What are your academic or career goals?

After this summer, I realized that I still have a lot to learn about starting a company. My goals for the immediate future are to join a startup and have a direct impact on growth, but where I go from there is uncertain. As long as I keep learning I don't think I can go wrong.