We are excited to announce the opening of the Keller Center makerspace. Housed within our creative classroom suite in the H-Wing of the School of Engineering, this makerspace is for anyone in the campus community who is interested in developing their creative muscle or stretching into new and untapped innovative areas.  

The brainchild of executive director Cornelia Huellstrunk, Keller's makerspace aims to bring together people from across campus in a creative environment so they can innovate. "We can't wait to see the many innovative ideas and creations that will emerge. We anticipate these projects will range from personal to student group projects, from course-related projects to entrepreneurial, and even whimsical ones," said Huellstrunk.

"This makerspace has been in the works for a very long time. We wanted to create a space that incorporated design, creativity, making, art, innovation, and impact. In addition, we wanted a space that would welcome people from all disciplines and all levels of experience," said makerspace project manager Carrie Collins, pictured above. 

"We hope that those who don't even know what a makerspace is or what making is all about consider stopping by to get engaged in this creative community," added Huellstrunk.

Expanding on the resources, machinery, technology, and tools currently residing in Keller's creative classroom suite, the Center was poised to realize its goal of providing the campus with an open-access makerspace within the School of Engineering. "We wanted to offer a space where people could see their ideas come to life, whether it be through something as simple as a Sharpie and a Post-It, or something as high-tech as our Laguna iQ CNC router," said Collins.

Collins stressed that the space is for the entire campus community. She and her staff of graduate makerspace educators are fostering an environment where everyone on campus will feel welcomed and supported. The core of Keller Center's mission is creating an environment where teamwork, collaboration, and inclusion produce innovations and advancements that create societal impact, She hopes this space helps to promote those ideals and nurture impactful innovations.

The makerspace team hopes to encourage the Princeton community to explore their ideas and passions. Our makerspace offers a supportive, inclusive, collaborative working environment to do so. "We are all so excited to be part of your innovative journey," said Collins.