Tiger Challenge recently kicked off its summer programming, and already the cohort has shown an impressive breadth of creativity.  This summer, the four teams will look into gerrymandering, climate parks, vaping, and the intersection of cultural heritage and historical preservation. 

The Tiger Challenge program helps students and community partners build more equitable and joyful societies.Teams develop lasting innovations across education, health, sustainability, social justice, and civic life.The program is grounded in design thinking, a body of techniques that unlocks empathy, creativity, collaboration, and open-mindedness. Learn about the design thinking methodology.

Before fully immersing themselves in their respective projects, however, the 20 students have been exploring the ins and outs of design thinking. This week, they conducted their second team-wide design sprint, which focused on the concept of household furniture. While some groups valued feasibility and practicality, others turned to more futuristic technologies and concepts based on crowdsourcing.

A member of the Representations in Redistricting team, Srija Patcha ’23 said on her experience thus far: "Two weeks ago, I would not have considered myself the best team player. But as I get more invested in the Tiger Challenge and more acquainted with my team, my skills in collaboration, creativity, and conflict resolution are consistently improving.”

With teams beginning to engage in interviews with partners, advisors, faculty, and experts over the next few weeks, we are excited to see this innovation carry over from workshops to real life projects.