Our courses are for undergraduate and graduate students from all backgrounds. We offer interdisciplinary classes incorporating entrepreneurship, design thinking, societal impact, leadership, and innovation with engineering, humanities, and natural and social sciences.
Among our twelve exciting offerings for fall is a new course taught by visiting professor Keith Hollingsworth from Morehouse College titled EGR 495 - Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Black Entrepreneurial History in the United States.

In this class Hollingsworth will guide students as they explore the trials, tribulations, and successes of Black entrepreneurs throughout the country's history. Emphasis is placed on the social, legal, and political contexts that both encouraged and discouraged Black business success and strategies employed to generate success. Hollingsworth developed and taught this course at Morehouse for several years.

If you are socially-minded and motivated to make change but don't know where to begin, start by taking John Danner's course EGR 488 / ENT 488 Designing Ventures To Change the World. Danner challenges and empowers his students to move the needle on issues they feel passionately about impacting. 

This course explores how for-profit or non-profit social-benefit ventures can do well AND do good - helping communities to become self-reliant and prosperous while confronting inequality, global climate change, food insecurity, injustice, and other problems. Students will have the opportunity and support to design innovative solutions for the problems and communities that matter to them.

Designing innovation takes creativity. In our course EGR 200 / ENT 200 Creativity, Innovation, and Design students will build a skillset that allows them to tap into the creative mindset needed for successful problem-solving and gain an understanding of the processes used in implementing sustainable solutions.

If you'd like to take your creativity a step further consider enrolling in EGR 250 / 251 / 350 / 351 / 450 / 451 Community Project Studios. Students from all majors and class years can earn academic credit for participation in multidisciplinary teams that work on projects over one or more years.

The course is broken into three studios. 

  • Studio 1: Making to Learn and Serve - this course meets in our makerspace lab. Students have the opportunity to use lab resources to design, restore, and create impactful projects. 
  • Studio 2: Tiger Challenge - where students work in small teams to develop lasting innovations addressing issues across education, health and wellbeing, equity and social justice, environmental sustainability, and civic life using design-thinking methodologies.
  • Studio 3: eLab - gives students the opportunity to earn course credits developing their startup ventures.

Please view our complete course list. If you have any questions regarding our course offerings please email academic affairs manager Victoria Dorman.