MoVA is an interactive museum experience that uses augmented and virtual reality technology to deliver accessible art education and entertainment to users. The team is developing their startup in the eLab Summer Accelerator Program

Currently, their target audience is users with accessibility constraints that may not be able to travel to museums or art installations, such as assisted living residents.

This team of architecture graduate students is passionate about using technology to create positive social impact. They feel their business solution can not only increase exposure and enjoyment of the arts but can innovate how curators and art spaces present their works, expanding access further.

Sophie Jiang is excited to bring her years of experience in architecture, design thinking, and art gallery exhibition into practice. “The team’s shared motivation in facilitating the psychosocial wellbeing of vulnerable populations with innovative technologies and designs was the driving force behind me joining this team,” said Jiang.

Their entertaining demo allows users to engage through their smartphone cameras, giving them a 360-degree view of famous works of art and the ability to capture a photo of the work within their own environment. So picture the Venus de Milo sitting on your living room couch!

Genyuan Hu hopes their product helps democratize access to art and is putting his background in science and business development skills to use for the greater good. “I see eLab as a powerful starting point of our business that will guide us much further into the future to create sustainable impact,” said Hu.

Priscilla Zhang and Isla Xi Han round out the team, and both express gratitude for having the 10-week eLab program to devote to their project. “As a busy Ph.D. candidate with research responsibilities, you don’t often get to block time to work full-time on your own startup," said Han and continues, “What better way to spend the summer than working with a fantastic group of friends towards a shared vision - funded, supported, and mentored by Keller Center?"

The eLab Summer Accelerator is a 10-week immersive program providing the tools and resources students need to develop and launch their startups. The teams will pitch their business solutions at Keller's annual Demo Days on campus on Aug 2 and in New York City on Aug 4.