Steven Chien '20, an Electrical Engineering major, and Derek Sawicki '20, a Computer Science major, are joining the ranks of Wellsheet this fall, a startup they both interned with through the Princeton Startup Immersion Program (PSIP). Wellsheet is a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize a clinician's use of electronic health records to make it actionable and tailored to specialties. Alum Craig Limoli '12 is founder and CEO and has been hosting interns through PSIP since 2017.

PSIP provides an immersive experience for undergraduate and graduate students of all majors who are seeking real-world knowledge of working at a startup company. The program's three dynamic locations provide both a cultural and entrepreneurial element to this summer program. "The full circle story of Steven and Derek is exactly the trajectory we envisioned when we designed PSIP at the Keller Center. Giving Princeton students an introduction to opportunities within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing them with a real-life understanding of startup culture, and helping them discover pathways available after graduation is at the core of our program. Steve and Derek are not the first PSIP interns to sign on with their host companies post-graduation. We are thrilled that this is becoming a more common story within our network of startup hosts and Princeton students," said program manager Lilian Tsang.

Chien was impressed by the collaborative work environment at Wellsheet, and the skills he gained working on a team. "I chose the PSIP internship because the sense of community appealed to me, which ended up being the best part of my summer 2018 experience. Hearing the stories of the guests brought in for the weekly entrepreneurial dinner talks convinced me that I wanted to work for a startup. Before PSIP, I was considering graduate school or working at a large company, but my time at Wellsheet changed that idea," Chien explained. "I'm excited to work closely with a small team of engineers on an interesting and impactful product. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to develop features, contribute ideas, and continue learning," said Chien.

Drawn to the innovative and talented team at Wellsheet, Sawicki enjoyed the casual, friendly culture the company espouses. "During my internship at Wellsheet they created an atmosphere which allowed me to connect to the team on a personal level, be involved in the development process, and see firsthand how excited users are about the product, which inspired a real emotional investment in the success of the company. I was surprised by the amount of responsibility I was given as an intern. Almost immediately, I was trusted to deploy features and make significant contributions to the design of entirely new modules," Sawicki recalled. When asked what Sawicki is looking forward to in his new position, he said, "The healthcare technology industry is surging with innovation and opportunity at this moment in time. It's exciting to know that I will have a role in realizing its immense potential alongside a team of talented, fun-loving individuals."