Adam Klosowiak, co-founder of KLOS Guitars recently sent us an update on how things are going since he graduated from Princeton and the 2015 Summer eLab Accelerator Program.

"We've had some exciting updates since leaving eLab. For one, we've launched multiple models of our guitars (our first model was acoustic, now we also do acoustic-electric, and have a premium acoustic-electric model as well). We'll be launching our second instrument soon, the ukulele. The launch date is scheduled for end of February. We're excited for that launch particularly because the ukulele market right now is very strong and growing quickly. Business model wise we are actually very on track with the plan that we outlined that summer in eLab, which is quite surprising actually. Our revenue over the past 3 years has grown at least 3x each year, which is what we forecasted during eLab. We're moving away from crowdfunding as our main source of revenue and for the last two months (during the holidays) our website sales have been strong enough to support the company without crowdfunding. We currently have twenty employees and five interns so our numbers are expanding, and we've also doubled our physical space last September by moving in next door to our original warehouse. I'd send a picture of the physical space but it's sort of a mess right now... We're also considering expanding into hosting concerts in our manufacturing space, hosting guitar instruction, and many other ideas that would emphasize local brand presence. What is really incredible is that eLab set us up on a path that we've followed relatively well so far. It gave us a foundation upon which we could really build. It's taken time to build everything up, but that initial summer really did cover a lot of ground in terms of creating a realistic vision for the company."

Well we couldn't be prouder!  All best in 2018 and keep in touch!