Tendo has had an extremely busy summer so far, participating in both the NSF I-Corps and Keller Center eLab programs. The team, who is working on economical solutions to accurate flow rate and difficult-to-obtain pressure measurements, has been heavily involved in customer discovery and market research for these past few weeks and started conducting face-to-face interviews. On August 25, a few members of team Tendo visited New York to talk to some experts in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. 

Tendo had the opportunity to visit the amazing office of New York Engineers, a MEP design firm based in Midtown. Once there, the team spoke to Mr. Michael Tobias, a founding principal of the firm and an extremely knowledgeable engineer. He gave the team a tour and introduced them to some of his current projects. Tendo was able to see some blueprints and learned a lot about the process of HVAC projects, from design to construction. Tobias helped confirm several of Tendo's hypotheses regarding engineers’ priorities and problems with HVAC design. Additionally, the team also connected with Ms. Flori Muresan, another principal, who told them more about her ongoing projects. They were so excited to speak with such an inspiring woman in STEM and hope to continue to work with New York Engineers! 

Tendo would like to give special thanks to New York Engineers; the team is very grateful for all the support that they have provided. Learn more about their work at https://www.ny-engineers.com/