School children are taught that our Thanksgiving tradition is built on a shared meal of celebration and friendship between newly settled Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Of course, the truth is that the relationship between Native Americans and their European invaders was by no means friendly. Indigenous people across America were demonized, terrorized, and slaughtered during the wave of European immigration to the "new world." Their history, heritage, and voices have been distorted, dishonored, and expunged in the centuries since.

Tiger Challenge team Monty4Heritage partnered with Montgomery Township to present an online discussion with Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Leader, Dr. John Norwood, and Indigenous Rights Activist Arla Patch. This discussion featured the region's true Native American history and highlighted the indigenous people who live there today.

Working in partnership with Mayor Sadaf Jaffer, Monty4Heritage is using design thinking methodologies to create a full and inclusive history of Montgomery Township. They are using human-centered research techniques to rediscover lost histories and the area's true cultural heritage just North of Princeton, New Jersey.

View the discussion on Monty Town YouTube channel. [1:04:51]