Steph Speirs *14 developed and co-founded her company, Solstice, in our 2014 eLab Accelerator program. Since then, she and her team have been pursuing their mission of bringing clean, affordable solar energy to every American.

In addition, Speirs has returned to campus on multiple occasions to share her insights with the budding entrepreneurs in the eLab program.

Recently Speirs shared some good news with us. Solstice will expand its reach as they join MyPower, a global investment corporation focused on the future of energy.

In her message to us, Speirs remarked, "Joining MyPower gives Solstice the infrastructure to move faster in democratizing the transition to clean energy and averting irreversible climate damage. We must move urgently to advance environmental justice for a global ecosystem of energy users. Just like the natural reciprocity of a forest, we will now have access to resources that will allow Solstice—and the planet—to thrive sustainably."

We are thrilled to see how this new partnership advances Solstice's vision and excited to watch as they realize their goal of bringing equity to low-income, minority, and indigenous Americans through sustainable energy access.