KC: Tell us about the vision for the Crumpet Society.
YL: Food transparency is becoming increasingly more important to consumers in the United States. People want to know what is in their food, where the ingredients are sourced, and how it is made. Our venture, ‘The Crumpet Society’ hopes to gives consumers an affordable, locally sourced, quick service, simple ingredient product which can serve a wide range of tastes and dietary needs.

KC: Why crumpets?
YL: One of our team members is from the UK where crumpets are traditionally served at breakfast. Made from an unsweetened batter of milk, flour, and yeast, they only take 5 minutes to cook on a flat iron grill, and can be topped with a wide range of either sweet or savory ingredients making them ideal for any meal. Additionally, with only one ingredient variation, dairy milk, a crumpet recipe can easily be altered with plant-based milk products to create vegan options without compromising on the taste or texture. 

KC: The Crumpet Society team is made up of graduate architecture students. How will your academic background help in advancing your startup idea?
YL: We found out the many food businesses do not brand themselves in terms of shop design, packaging, and food representation. One of our members worked in a high-end restaurant in food preparation, and the other one was working for a storefront design team for a year. We want to incorporate our design skills in all aspects of food presentation to establish a unique crumpet experience. 

KC: What is the goal for the Crumpet Society in the eLab this summer?
YL: Our goals are to consolidate a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy for our product. To refine our brand aesthetics and graphics while developing our packaging. We are working on establishing an online social media presence for the brand. Expanding our menu of toppings and possibly broaden our offerings to drinks and sides.  Our final goal is designing and fabricating our venture’s initial food stand.

KC: What entrepreneurs do you look to for inspiration?
YL: Crosstown Doughnuts in London have illustrated how niche cuisine products like artisan doughnuts, can go from a food stand in 2014, to a 16-location franchise with a net worth over $20 million today. We firmly believe that because of our product’s limited, affordable ingredients, combined with the lack of crumpet competition and ease of preparation, we can successfully establish ourselves as a distinctive, quick-service company that offers a unique and transparent food alternative with the capability of franchising.

KC: Will you be offering free samples?
YL: Yes! The next tasting session of the savory menu tasting will take place at Frist in April. We welcome everyone in the Princeton community to drop by and have a bite!