Trying to find events of interest and engage in our community got a bit harder over the last few years. Luckily a team of Princeton students is working on a business solution that will allow us all to connect once again. 

Unite is a platform that uses advanced filtration and personalization, map discovery apps, and their own secret sauce to guide users to events in a unique and customizable way. The team is building their app in the eLab Summer Accelerator Program. "I saw the eLab as a perfect space to grow our company," said CEO Donald Della Pietra '22. "It is a great collaborative working environment for us," he said.

Initially intended for college campuses, the team has expanded its scope to include events for anyone looking to engage and participate. 

Electrical and computer science engineer Sophie Yangyi joined the team because she felt her skillset could contribute in a meaningful way to this project and make a "positive impact not only for users but for the people who are building the solution," she said.

The team came together because they noticed the absence of a platform that allows people to discover local events of interest easily. "Our mission is simple; we just want to bring people together," said Pietra.

The team will pitch their business plan at Keller's 11th Annual Demo Days. We hope you will join us for this exciting event, and maybe next year you will find out about the 12th Annual Demo Days on their app!

The eLab Summer Accelerator is a 10-week immersive program providing the tools and resources students need to develop and launch their own startup.