Entrepreneurship, innovation, and design increasingly have become vehicles by which technology has been able to make a meaningful impact on society. At Princeton, where students develop an ability to think critically, there is great interest among students to understand entrepreneurship, innovation, and design as activities that stimulate economic growth and social change and as a potential career options.

The objective of our courses is to:

  • Enable students to contribute to the world in more ways by initiating transformative changes, challenge conventional wisdom through risk-taking actions working with limited resources.
  • Enable students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Give interested students viable toolsets of skills and insights that strengthen impact on public service and the common good.
  • Translate scholarship to make a difference in the world.
  • Any student should be able to explore entrepreneurship by taking any one of the offered classes.  In other words, all classes are stand-alone, without prerequisites.
  • Entrepreneurship is not a theory and needs to be experienced.  Interested students should look to engage in entrepreneurial projects inside and outside the classroom.