Arts N Parks is a team within the current Tiger Challenge cohort. We are seeking additional team members.

Our Project

We are the Arts N Parks TC team. Our goal is to create a campus culture in which students value and foster collective wellness. Why? Because Princeton students are so caught up in schoolwork, career development, clubs, that they don’t take the time to really care for themselves. How? This is where our team name comes into play! By creating spaces for joyous and rejuvenating art and nature experiences! Creating a respite from the stressful chaos that is being a Princeton student and encouraging students to reflect, create, contemplate, and enjoy the moment.

This summer, we have done lots of research–reaching out to artists, mental health specialists, nature enthusiasts–and created a partnership with Grounds for Sculpture, a nearby sculpture garden with a passion for wellness. We’ve learned about the contextualization phase of the design process and put what we’ve learned into action. Along the way, we’ve had really cool workshops with designers and consultants in diverse fields! 

In the fall, we will be delving into ideation. (We’ve done a bit of this over the summer and it is SO fun!) This is when we take all our insights from our research and ask the question–what could we create to help us create a culture of student wellness?! This is when we really get to be creative. All ideas are recorded– from simple ones to in-the-clouds, outside-the-box ones! Over the course of the semester, we will choose some promising directions and prototype them, in preparation for the spring when we will put our solution into action on campus!

We are currently looking to gain a new team member to join us for the school year! 

The ideal candidate would:

  • Be an art and/or outdoor lover!
  • Flourish in a team environment!
  • Have a creative mindset that allows them to think outside the box!
  • Be willing to dance during work (Not mandatory!)
  • Have app development know-how (greatly appreciated but not required)

As a member of the Arts N Parks Team you will:

  • Join a team of passionate, fun, motivated students
  • Create a positive impact on campus 
  • Enroll in a for-credit studio course, EGR 250/251 - Community Project Studios, that meets 2 hours/week (meeting time TBD) in the Fall and Spring semesters. You will get half a credit per semester. Please email Jessica Leung for more information on the course.

How to apply:

  • Please fill out the application form and once we review your application we will reach out to you via email if we are considering you for the position. In this email, you will receive a sign-up link for an interview spot. We will then have a short conversation with you over Zoom to discuss your interest, after which we will notify you about our decision.