Before You Apply

Applications for 2024 are open! View a few of the opportunities here. More opportunities will be available throughout the month of November. 

Students are required to review, understand and agree to the following when applying to the Princeton Startup Immersion Program (PSIP):

The application process

  • View the list of internships
  • Apply to a maximum of two internships
  • Prepare a cover letter
  • Prepare a resume
  • Prepare response to short answer questions
  • Respond to the challenge puzzle for the desired internship. The challenge puzzle is intended to demonstrate your creativity, problem solving and writing skills and, where appropriate, your technical ability. It typically takes no more than three hours to complete.

By applying, students agree to the following:

  • Keller Center may inquire about their student disciplinary records at Princeton
  • The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and other offices at Princeton (e.g., residential colleges, Office of Undergraduate Studies, University Health Services) may release such information to the Keller Center as part of the application review process to ensure that all students can have a safe and productive experience
  • Information received by the Keller Center will not be released to any third parties outside of Princeton University

Student responsibilities and commitments

Accepting an internship offer

Students who are offered and accept a PSIP internship understand and agree that: 

  • A signed commitment letter must be returned to Keller Center program administrators within five business days of the offer
  • By signing and returning a commitment letter, students are making a binding commitment to fulfill their obligation to the program
  • Students will withdraw applications to other internships and/or programs
  • Reneging on the agreement after acceptance of a PSIP internship will result in a letter being submitted to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students

committing to start and end dates

Students agree:

  • To commit to the program’s start and end dates, which are fixed. Students may not request a later start date nor an earlier completion date;
  • Not to commit to any other programs or activities that will conflict with the PSIP program dates;
  • Not to take time away during the duration of the 10-week PSIP program to participate in any other activities that will result in missing internship work days.

Work schedules

The PSIP internship work week consists of five work days:

  • Bengaluru: Monday through Friday with the exception of several days (dates TBD) reserved for excursions
  • New York: Monday through Friday
  • Shanghai: Monday through Friday with the exception of one Friday (date TBD) reserved for an excursion
  • Tel Aviv: Sunday through Thursday with the exception of three Thursdays (dates TBD) reserved for excursions

Intern work hours will be determined in conjunction with their supervisors.

Attendance at PSIP events

Students acknowledge:

  • All PSIP-sponsored events are mandatory attendance
  • They will commit to attend all PSIP-sponsored events, which include all weekly entrepreneurship talks, all excursions (if in-person structure resumes), and all other program-sponsored activities
  • In the event work schedules and/or responsibilities require that a student miss an event, the student must seek and receive prior written permission from Keller Center program administrators
  • Personal engagements will not be considered an acceptable excuse for missing PSIP-sponsored events
  • They will participate in all mandatory Keller Center pre-departure orientation sessions and webinars (dates TBD)

Additional requirements

Students agree to:

  • Complete a minimum of three journal entries/blog posts over the course of the internship program (one at beginning of the internship, one at the end of June, one at the end of July)
  • Complete a final PSIP feedback survey in August
  • To share their PSIP experience with prospective PSIP applicants at information sessions the following fall semester

View PSIP opportunities

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