Princeton Start-Up Immersion Program (PSIP) – Israel

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PSIP-Israel (Princeton Start-Up Immersion Program - Israel) is a 10-week entrepreneurial and cultural learning experience in Tel Aviv, Israel -- a unique immersion program. Known as the "Start-Up Nation", Israel is home to young entrepreneurs driven by a passion for success and is ideal for students seeking hands-on experience and exposure to the next "Big Idea".

"I had lunch with my whole company every day and talked to my bosses about everything from politics to business. Everyone was very welcoming and open about the whole founding process, and learning how they made it first hand really gave me a good sense of what a startup is like." Cadee Q '18, WWS

"Whether it is funding or an introduction to a potential partner, everything is just one handshake away in Tel Aviv" Pascal W. Graduate Student, REL

"I arrived right as a new project was launched - strategizing for the company's digital presence. We were a small team, so I was never short of work to do and never doubted that I was contributing to something." Nuss V. '18, CBE


  • Provides students with real-world experience in entrepreneurship

  • Immerses students in Israel’s innovative and entrepreneurial climate

  • Connects the full pool of PSIP students and startup hosts to form a strong and lasting community

  • Provides students the opportunity to live together as a cohort in Princeton-sponsored housing to form a community of peers who will share a summer of life-changing experiences

See What Students Had To Say:

Our 2017 PSIP interns blogged about their amazing summer. Take a look and see what they had to say and enjoy the great photos too!

What's Included:

  • 10-week internship with a Tel Aviv-based startup company

  • Roundtrip airfare stipend (amount TBD)

  • Princeton-sponsored housing in Tel Aviv

  • Keller Center stipend of $3500 for basic meals and expenses

  • Fees and transportation for PSIP-organized excursions

  • Fees and transportation for the Venture Creation Course at the IDC, Herzliya

  • Israeli medical insurance coverage

  • 24x7 local support and guidance

  • Some startup companies offer additional meal and/or commuting allowance

Program Dates:

Arrive: Monday June 11

Orientation Week

Internship Start/End: June 17 / August 16

Last day to Check Out: August 19

To Apply:

  1. Read through the list of internships (Summer 2018 list of internship opportunities will be posted in October, check back soon)! Students may apply to a maximum of two PSIP-Israel internship positions. If you are applying to PSIP-Israel, you MAY NOT apply to PSIP-NYC.
  2. Each application requires the submission of a challenge puzzle. The puzzle is intended for the startups to assess your problem solving skills, creativity, and your entrepreneurial perspective. You in turn, will gain an idea for the types of cool projects that you could engage in at the startup.  
  3. Apply to the internship by clicking on the Apply button on the Opportunities page.
  4. Deadline for applications is Friday, December 1, 2017, 11:59 PM.

Who Can Apply:

Rising juniors and seniors (and in limited instances, rising sophomores), as well as graduate students (faculty advisor approval required) from All Majors are encouraged to apply. Additional requirements may be specified by the individual startup.

For More Information:

Join us for an information session (and Dinner!) Wednesday November 8 (Friend Center Convocation Room) OR Thursday November 16 (Frist Multipurpose Room A), 4:30 PM. Registration required.