Did you know emotional and social skills are four times more important than IQ when considering success and prestige in professional settings? Did you know that EI is a “talent” that, unlike IQ, can be learned and improved throughout one’s life? Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be confusing.  What does it mean? Is it fluffy stuff or something really tangible? Now more than ever, employers and clients are seeking leaders who display emotionally intelligent thinking, decision making and actions. How do you know if you meet those requirements? 

In this one hour webinar, you will learn the correct definition of EI and how important EI is for success in the working world. We will break down the components of EI and how they are measured in each individual. Most importantly, this webinar will allow you to walk away knowing whether or not you want to assess, understand and enhance your own Emotional Intelligence score so you can crush interviews and lead change in the workplace.

Requests for accommodations can be made when you register to attend. Please provide at least 7 days advance notice.

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Speaker Bio

Grace Calpus, BSN, RN, MPA, PCC has been professionally coaching since 2013 and has her PCC certification from the International Coaching Federation. Her clients have ranged from small business owners, to health care systems and now focuses much of her attention on academic coaching in institutions, including students and executive clients. She is currently affiliated with the Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University, Cornell Engineering, University of Denver, University of Texas – Austin, and University of California – Irvine.  

Who can attend?

Open to graduate students, undergraduates, postdocs, research scholars, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Registration is required.