The Alumni Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education

The Alumni Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education was established to support group projects conducted by students in engineering. Beginning with the 2010-11 academic year, the Keller Center has made the fund available to all students in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Students must apply as a group and require the support and supervision of a faculty adviser, if they are not already an established ODUS organization. Funding per project is not to exceed $1,000, but requests above that amount may be considered when accompanied by a special request letter from the students' adviser.

The Alumni funds are not intended to support junior independent projects or senior thesis research; funds to support such activities are made available through the office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.


Project: CBE Graduate Student Symposium- An industry day consisting of 6 company sessions hosted in the CBE department.
Students: Lian Zhu, Graduate Student

Project: Ivy LEadership Summit 2016 - Organized each year by the Ivy Council, an inter-Ivy League student union, the Ivy Leadership Summit unites delegations from all eight Ivy League schools to exchange ideas and build connections with each other and with professional leaders in business, politics, science, and academia. The 2016 conference took place November 11-13, with a record 128 delegates invited to attend the conference that weekend at Yale.
Students: Daniel Wilson

Project: InnovTrip - InnovTrip was designed to help foster the innovative spirit that is cultivated at Princeton and to illustrate the opportunities that Princeton students have after graduation. The trip took 15 students to NYC to visit some of the top STEM companies, to engage with Princeton alumni in the city, and to explore the science community in New York. This is the second year of the event, but the core idea behind it has not changed since its conception - to connect the Princeton community with the greater science/tech world.
Students: Jason Choe

Project: 25 Under 25 - The third annual 25 Under 25 gala was held in the lobby of the Frick Chemistry building and honored 25 projects in STEM that were selected from a pool of over 100 applicants. The winning projects were chosen based on their innovation, impact, and how effectively their ideas were communicated. Our professor judges vetted the projects on those qualitative criteria, as well as on their own expertise in their respective fields. Attendees heard 90 second pitches from each of the award-winning projects over a catered dinner following a keynote address given by Dr. Shana Weber of Princeton's Office of Sustainability.
Students: Jason Choe

Project: Global Development Network - Global Development Network (GDN) is a student group focused on sustainable development projects. We are currently working with locals in Guyana (both interior and coastal regions) to set up a process for creating ceramic water filters. The current water purification methods used in rural regions are often inconvenient or inadequate, and the urban regions generate significant waste with disposable plastic water bottles. Ceramic water filters are relatively simple in design and highly effective, and the clay material can already be found in Guyana. In 2016, four students went on an assessment trip to Region 9 in the interior to meet community leaders. This 2017 summer, four more students traveled to Guyana to talk with more community members, test clay quality, and explore manufacturing and distribution options both in rural and urban areas.
Students: Emily Abdo '19

Project: Princeton Rockerty Club - Rocketry club developed 3 vehicles for major international engineering competitions in the 2016-2017 academic year. Our Cansat vehicle, a glider designed to be released from a sounding rocket and perform atmospheric sampling, was selected for launch and flew successfully at the 2017 AIAA CanSat competition. Our SEDS USRC rocket, a multi-stage rocket designed to reach 20000 feet, was completed and has been shipped to California for its launch later this summer. Our high-altitude balloon designed to study the atmospheric microbiome and compete in the Global Space Balloon Challenge will finish fabrication in the fall, and will be used in collaboration with students in the Geosciences department for academic research.
Students: Matthew Romer '18

Project: Business Today - Business Today aims to bridge the gap between exceptional industry pioneers and the leaders of tomorrow. This past year, it ran 4 conferences: the Inaugural Designation Conference (, 42nd Annual International Conference (, 5th Annual Start @ a Startup Conference and 2nd Annual Aspire Conference ( Top students were selected from all over the world to attend these all-expenses-paid conferences in NYC where they were immersed in intimate dialogues with C-suite executives from IBM, SoulCycle, The New York Times and Walt Disney amongst others. Business Today also prints a biannual magazine and runs a seminar series specifically for Princeton students to engage with executives from companies like JP Morgan, Uber, Tiffany & Co. and more.
Students: Mihika Kapoor '18