Student Project Funding

The Keller Center partners with and supports numerous student run organizations and initiatives, including the ones listed below. The Michael L. Lerch '93 Fund, the Norman D. Kurtz '58 Fund, the Eugene Wong '55 Fund, and the Alumni Fund, each administered by Keller Center, also provide funding for students pursuing various engineering projects and internships outside of the classroom. The availability of these funds is announced each fall and all engineering students are encouraged to apply.

Funding cannot be awarded for junior independent work, senior thesis research, or startups, and teams/groups must consist of at least one engineering student and have the support/endorsement of a faculty advisor. Students should search for funding opportunities in SAFE.

Below are some of the student organizations with which the Keller Center partners.

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Business Today

Engineers Without Borders 

Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering (PAVE)

Princeton Women in Computer Science (PWiCS) 

The Princeton Entrepreneurship Club 

The Princeton Social Entrepreneurship Initiative