About the Company


SOTEREA 所托瑞安 focuses on R&D, application and promotion of intelligent automotive technologies for commercial vehicles. Our products span the areas of safe driving, smart driving, and cloud computing. These include automatic emergency brake, safety management cloud platform, and by-wire control systems. Our systems run on over 20,000 vehicles. We aim to reach autonomy through safety.

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Company Industries:
Technology, Transportation

Internship Description

We drive in a complex, ever changing world. Autonomous system must be able to adapt to changes, and engineers need to understand how these systems will function under different scenarios. In this role you will explore and explore algorithms that perceive and react to danger. The algorithms include object detection neural networks, fusion filters, and self-learning vehicle control strategies.

Additional Requirements

  • Strong math foundation
  • Experience with Python (numpy, pandas, scikit, pytorch)


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