About the Company

Finding the right product shouldn't be so hard.

We've all been there. Looking at an online shopping grid of 100+ products and having no idea which one to pick. Sometimes you just need a little help finding your best product. Cartful Solutions provides eCommerce sites with a persuasive and informative product recommendation solution.

Shoppers describe how they plan to use a product and the platform translates those needs into personalized recommendations. It's fast, informative, and effective.

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Company Industries:
Marketing & Communications, Technology

Internship Description

We help online shoppers find their best products. For the past several years, we've been doing that with a great roster of brands like Arc’teryx, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Smartwool, Peet's Coffee, Orvis, Mizzen+Main, TULA, and a bunch more. For this project, we're going to continue to add on to our direct-to-consumer solutions.

Specifically, we're going to create a retail website(s) focused on a product quiz (think Third Love, Trunk Club, or Care/Of) where we help a shopper navigate a tricky product category and make specific product recommendations. Our first in-progress category is a gift finder which is launching this Q4. Some additional ideas we've had include curating a personalized men's grooming routine, helping shoppers find the right TV, making wine/craft beer recommendations, or finding other niche (and profitable) categories that have a lot of confusion or shopper intimidation.

You would be the owner of this project from start to finish: from picking the product category to building out the content to launching the site to driving traffic. We don't really know if your idea is going to work or not... which makes for kind of a fun summer internship!

Either you're going to help launch a new revenue stream for us moving forward or it's going to be a spectacular bust. But either way, both you and our company will learn a ton from the success or failure.

Additional Requirements