What attracted you to the Keller Center?

Tiger Challenge seemed like a great opportunity to develop soft skills and help people struggling with a problem that I could relate to.

Share an inspiring story about your time at the Keller Center.

From the beginning of the summer, I had a slight anxiety about leading interviews because of my slight stutter. However, when my team partner and I went to the street to conduct interviews, it was a very good experience. There were times I felt I was taking the lead from my partner, but it was nice to come out of my shell and interesting to hear about people's experiences with debt and money.

What advice would you have for students about getting involved at the Keller Center?

Be fully engaged with what you do. From my experience and understanding, the Keller Center wants to help you, but you only get out of it what you put in.

How have you beneļ¬ted from your involvement with the Keller Center?

I have a better understanding of how teams work. Also, I have come to realize how important mentors and advisers are, even though I am still learning how to make the most out of them.