How are you involved with the Keller Center?

I have been involved with the Keller Center through Tiger Challenge and PSIP. I have also taken many classes through the Keller Center and was lucky enough to serve as a teaching assistant for EGR 201 (Foundations of Entrepreneurship).

How have you beneļ¬ted from your involvement with the Keller Center?

One of the students in EGR 201 for whom I was a teaching assistant told me that, for them, I was the face of entrepreneurship on campus. This made me think about how many activities I have been involved with through the Keller Center and the impact that this has had on me. The Keller Center completely changed my life and introduced me to a deep love of entrepreneurship.

What are your academic or career goals?

I hope to attend business school in the future and become an entrepreneur during or after that experience. Later on in life, I would like to start my own VC firm so that I could increase the number of female general partners across VC firms in the United States.