Project Overview

Cultural adjustment to a new country can be a challenging journey, particularly for international students facing multiple unfamiliar environments. Research indicates that Latin American international students, in particular, experience higher levels of psychological distress compared to their peers. This could be attributed to cultural values that prioritize family and community, as well as the relatively lower representation of Latin American students in universities. Recognizing the growing importance of mental health and well-being on college campuses, our project aims to explore and understand the unique experiences of Latin American international students, with a focus on facilitating effective support systems and building a sense of community to aid in their successful adjustment.

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Social Mission

Our mission is to foster a vibrant and inclusive campus community for Latin American international students to provide them with a sense of familiarity and cultural appreciation and consequently, promote their mental wellness.


Our vision is to build an enriching experience for international students to foster a sense of familiarity and appreciation for their respective cultures. We envision that every international student has a space on campus where they feel a connection to their heritage. This cultural appreciation intends to provide students with a reminder of home while promoting diversity and cross-cultural understanding on campus.

Call to Action

Join us in creating a more supportive and inclusive campus environment for Latin American international students. Together, we can bridge the gap in mental health support, celebrate diversity, and empower students to thrive during their transformative college experience.