There is a shortage of medical interpreters in US hospitals. 46% of hospitals do not have medical translation services, yet 97% see patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Even in hospitals with access to medical interpretation, doctors often need to wait upwards of 15 minutes to speak with an interpreter. Some languages have no interpreter coverage at all and providers rely on imperfect tools like Google Translate or family members when relaying critical medical information.

An average academic hospital will spend $2M a year because of poor interpretation availability as a result of ~1400 readmissions. Exams with LEP patients take 50% longer. For patients, this means lower than average care level and higher risk of fatality.

MediGlot facilitates accurate, on-demand interpretation services. No wait. No janky translation workarounds. Just seamless dialogue and connection for doctors and their LEP patients. MediGlot’s goal is to bridge the communication gap between doctors and LEP patients by providing AI-powered real-time medical interpretation for hospitals and clinics.