When an individual experiences symptoms of a heart attack, doctors advise that the first course of action is to take an Aspirin.  Similarly, at the onset of a migraine, the first thing most migraine sufferers do is take their migraine medication. In both of these instances, time is of the essence. The 30 seconds it can take to find a bottle of Aspirin in your bag can be the difference between a life saved and a life lost. The five minutes it can take to track down your migraine medication can be the difference between swiftly stopping migraine pain or suffering from hours of nausea and discomfort. Furthermore, if an individual has no Aspirin or migraine medication available, nothing can be done. What if there were a way to literally wear your medicine? 

We seek to create a visually appealing, discreet way to wear medicine. A lightweight, waterproof, and minimalistic bracelet with a light-proof, temperature regulated pill storage compartment, mSTAT creates aesthetically appealing pill storing bracelets that allow individuals to have their medicine with them wherever they go. The STAT in our name is derived from the Latin term for "instantly" or "immediately," a term used by doctors in the ER when something needs to be done instantly, and m stands for "medication."  With mSTAT, we restore confidence for migraine sufferers and create a life line for those at increased risk of heart attack.