The private litigation funding industry is growing by billions of dollars every year. More and more routinely, headlines report disclosures of massive litigation funder investments in class-action settlements. Yet, these only represent a few hundred of America’s more than 40 million annual active lawsuits. This is due, in part, to investors only taking on very large and lucrative cases, leaving the smaller cases without representation.  These include the tens of millions of small lawsuits filed in the US every year – for medical malpractice, personal injury, contract disputes, product liability, compensation disputes, car accidents, copyright infringement, and even dog bites.

Pembroke seeks to unlock these small-time investment opportunities by sourcing, sorting, and rating small-settlement lawsuits across categories; procuring prefunding contracts; and providing America’s leading litigation funders with a novel product.  Pembroke opens a new source of revenue for investors and helps plaintiffs secure the attorneys they may not otherwise have access to.