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PhaseOne enables business development in the pharmaceutical industry by providing high-quality data on pharmaceutical companies and the technologies that they are developing.

The pharmaceutical industry conducts thousands of licensing and M&A deals every year to boost portfolios and develop new products. In the last decade, we’ve also seen a growth in corporate and private venture funding that has proven an appetite for accelerated innovation in this sector. Underlying each of these deals are hundreds of hours of research and due diligence into the companies and their products. Though the tech industry has mature platforms like Crunchbase and ZoomInfo that work to enrich the due diligence process for acquisitions or other investments, the pharmaceutical industry lags significantly behind in this space. 

The options available to biopharma investors today are unaffordable databases that are manually (and oftentimes inaccurately) updated on an irregular basis. Perhaps more importantly, unlike Crunchbase and ZoomInfo, these existing databases for pharmaceutical-specific information are locked away behind expensive fees, providing no public endpoints for any small or mid-sized companies to gain exposure. All in all, there is a distinct void of platforms that investors or business development teams can rely on to get accurate information on biopharma companies and their products.