Both Emilia Clarke and Bruce Willis have openly discussed their battles with aphasia, a language disorder that impacts communication and causes patients to speak in broken sentences and have trouble formulating words. Over 1 million people in the U.S. face this challenge, with 180,000 more diagnosed annually (National Aphasia Association). This disorder can disrupt everything from daily chats to heart-to-hearts with family.

Tran addresses this overlooked challenge via a web application that uses cutting-edge text generation and speech-to-text tech to bridge the communication gap for users with speech impediments. Given broken language as input from users, either through voice transcription or keyboard input, Tran suggests complete, natural sentences in real-time. Users then select one of the suggestions and Tran will generate speech resembling the user’s own voice.

Tran completely reimagines communication for users, allowing them to express themselves and have their voices heard in situations that would otherwise be a cumbersome, difficult, and frustrating task.