Student Project Funding

Individual Princeton students and student groups can apply for funding to support research and development activities outside the classroom in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. Projects that also relate to entrepreneurship and design thinking are particularly encouraged.


  • Individual Princeton students and student teams (undergrad and grad)
  • Must consist of at least one engineering student and/or the project must have an engineering focus
  • Funding may not be used for junior independent work or senior thesis research*

*Seeking funding for junior independent work or senior thesis research?

Separate Keller Center funding opportunities are available to students through:

Award Amounts

Individual student: up to $1000

Student group/registered student organization: up to $3000

Students may seek supplemental funding through SAFE or through other academic departments and centers.

Application Deadlines

Fall semester

Application opens: September 8, 2021

Application deadline: October 10, 2021

Spring semester

Application opens: January 18, 2022

Application deadline: February 20, 2022

Note: For a complex event or travel (both domestic and international) you must submit the application at least three months before the proposed activity. This allows time for planning, to research costs, and to obtain travel approvals and permits. (Please be advised that no funding will be awarded for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

How to Apply

  1. Discuss the proposed project with your faculty or staff advisor before beginning your application
  2. Request a letter of recommendation from your advisor
  3. Create a budget accurately estimating the costs to be incurred
  4. If the proposal includes travel review and follow the requirements for travel below   
  5. Have the recommendation letter and budget handy (both in PDF format) and submit the application below

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How Applications are Reviewed

Keller Center staff consider the following factors when reviewing applications:

  • Quality of the proposal and strength of the advisor’s endorsement
  • Feasibility of the budget
  • Number and quality of applications submitted

Applicants can typically expect to receive a decision within two weeks after the application deadline.


Please be advised that no funding will be awarded for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Concur travel request approval is required for domestic and international travel.

Applicants must provide proof that they have obtained all necessary approvals prior to funding being released.

Post-Project Requirements

By the deadline indicated in the award notice, applicants must:

  • Provide a full account of your project expenses, including portions of the award covered by other funders
  • Provide the Keller Center with copies of your receipts
  • Return unspent funds via check or money order payable to Princeton University Trustees and delivered to the Princeton Entrepreneurial Hub, Room 113
  • Submit a final project report to the Keller Center containing:
    • A narrative account of the research/activities undertaken with the support of the award
    • An acknowledgement to the donor of the funds