Propose a Topic

If you could work with a team of colleagues, partner organizations, and advisers to tackle any societal challenge, what would it be? We're looking for topics to be proposed by students, community organizations, or faculty.  

What makes a good Tiger Challenge topic? 

  • Open-ended: There should be infinite possible directions for the project; we’re looking for divergent, unanswered challenges.  
  • Human-centered: The challenge should hinge on the behaviors and experiences of people.
  • Important: The challenge should inspire others to join; teams are comprised of 4-6 students from different majors, as well as 1-3 partner organizations, a faculty adviser, and a couple other advisers.
  • Accessible: Who are the stakeholders involved, and is it feasible for teams to interact with them in the NYC-NJ-Philadelphia corridor?

Propose a topic