We recently hosted our annual Academic Colloquium, an event that allows students to articulate the impact of being in Keller’s Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship.

The certificate program exposes students to different ways of understanding, conceptualizing, and for some, building enterprises that create value through positive impact on society, whether through a commercial or social venture. 

Students develop the necessary skills to create innovative impact by completing a core set of required courses, attending skill-building workshops, and engaging in a practicum experience. 

Seniors presented reflections and insights into how they have been able to apply the skills they gained to their internship experiences, the ventures they have created, and how the program has informed their next steps outside the university gates.

Genevieve Fraipont ‘23 remarked that her ENT 200 course Creativity, Innovation, and Design was “by far my favorite course at Princeton. It taught me how to come up with fresh ideas and, most importantly, how to continue to innovate on those ideas to build better solutions”.

Keller Director Naveen Verma congratulated the participants for their hard work and dedication to working outside their major, acknowledging the rigor required to complete the extra work for the program. 

Verma remarked that taking on a certificate at Princeton was evidence of their entrepreneurial prowess. The work showcased at the Colloquium exemplifies “the process in action!”

The crowd of students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a celebratory reception during the junior poster session; students shared the progress of their work, faculty advisors offered observations and critique, and all shared food and fellowship.

Princeton certificates are equal to minors at other higher education institutions.