The majority of entrepreneurship education focuses on the tactics of starting and growing a business. You might learn about product building, go to market strategy and scaling from case studies and presentations, but not nearly enough time is spent on the most important prerequisites to entrepreneurial success: picking the right problems to work on and working with the right people.

  • How do you start the great company that only you can start?
  • How do you build a team that complements your unique strengths and skills?
  • How do you carve out the role in an industry that’s perfectly suited to your natural strengths and interests?

The answer is simple, but not easy to develop: Self Awareness.

Avthar Sewrathan ‘18, led a discussion about the critical role of self-awareness in entrepreneurial success, drawing on his experiences as a student entrepreneur at Princeton, venture-backed startup founder and growth-stage startup employee.

  • Learn what self awareness is and why it’s critical to startup success.
  • Better understand how to recognize your unique skills, strengths and areas of natural leverage.
  • Get a framework for finding the right role for you.

Whether you’re a budding startup founder looking for the right idea, a team in the eLab wanting to maximize their chances of success, or you just want to learn about using your natural skills to create value in the world, this session is for you.

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